Using food to sabotage life

I know what I need to do to get the body I desire. We all do. It’s a simple formula of balancing healthy diet with enough exercise to burn off excess body fat. Research shows that ensuring we are not over stressed also impacts our metabolism, so it is important to take time out of our busy schedules to have some fun, to relax and play.

We all know this, but why is it so hard to apply it?

For nearly two years I have been on a cross-fit exercise program which has brought me to the fittest place I have ever been. I love it, I’ve committed to it and I’m thrilled with the results in my overall fitness and well-being. My body has changed, all in positive ways, and I have shed, give or take, 20 pounds.

I’ve committed to the exercise and seen the results. But I struggle to commit to the diet. I eat very healthy about 80% of the time. But it’s the 20% that keeps me stuck in a place that I’m not moving from! I’m guessing I have about 15-20 more pounds to lose. So if I’ve done it before, why do I struggle to do it again?

I am sabotaging myself. I am afraid to get to the place I want to be. I’ve never been there before, I don’t know what it feels like. And I am full of fear.

Fear of the unknown is not uncommon. Or maybe you have been there before and fear getting there again become on some level you didn’t like it.

We are trying to protect ourselves. This is a good thing. This is smart. But we have to ask what price we pay for holding ourselves back, from playing small, for not fighting all out for the end goal.

I desire to be at my ideal body weight. I don’t know what the exact number is, it doesn’t matter to me. But I know I have excess body weight that I want to shift. So what do I need to do? Sure, I need to look at my diet. But I also have to look deeper.

What am I afraid of? I am afraid of being seen. Being seen means showing my real self. Showing myself means opening myself to communication. Communicating means being vulnerable, expressing who I really am.

So who am I? And why is it so scary to share myself with the world?

It is only when we ask the deeper questions and seek healing from the pain buried underneath that we can fully inhabit the body and heal it. Excess weight is trying to protect us, to teach us, but also to get us to look within.

When you un-peel the layers of why you use food to sabotage life, what truth lies there? What pain is buried in those extra pounds on your body?

When we ask these deeper questions and seek healing from the pain buried underneath we can fully inhabit the body and heal it. And the pounds will drop away. It’s inevitable. You won’t need them any more.



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